We have a wide range of regular and special running events. There is no membership and our events are open to all running and drinking abilities.

1st Thursdays

Our regular social run. We usually have a choice of routes varying from 5k to 8k, running at your pace. And then all topped off with a half-price first beer at our Beer Shop HQ.

3rd Thursdays

For third Thursdays we try to mix things up a little. We have our usual 6k route, but then we tend to have something a bit more training focussed. For example something like an intervals session or hills run.

5th Thursdays

When there's the occasional 5th Thursday once again we look to do something a bit special, like a magical mystery pub tour or a 5k Time Trial, a whole menagerie of different events.

All runs meet at the Beer Shop on Hermitage Road for a 7pm start.


As well as our regular run dates we organise a wide range of events, including brewery tastings, seasonal specials and run/pub crawls.


We run at a number of local races and events. And then we celebrate with a post-race pint or two at a local pub or beer shop.


We manage all of our events through an app called Spond. Click on the photo or icon at the bottom to sign up.